Our major donors

One of the reasons for the tremendous success of the CHU Sainte-Justine’s Healing More Better campaign over these five years has been the strong and steadfast commitment of major donors who are determined to move mountains for the mothers and children of Quebec.

We want to pay tribute to you, our major donors. For your contagious generosity and your power to act, which have allowed us to reach previously unattainable goals. For rallying round our families to protect, support and reassure them. And for sharing the values that we hold dear, which underpin and guide your actions.

In recognition of all that you do, because you are inspirational and important, we want you to have your say—to tell us in your own words what you stand for and to celebrate your commitment.

For turning our dreams into reality, you deserve to have the spotlight turned on you.

But first of all, let us once again say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Other great accomplishments of
Healing More Better campaign

Rosalind & Morris Goodman Family Foundation

“For our family, giving generously to help set up the Rosalind & Morris Goodman Family Pediatric Formulations Centre of the CHU Sainte-Justine is a way to look after future generations and to make the world a safer place for children. We firmly believe that partnering with such a renowned institution as the CHU Sainte-Justine to create this centre—the only one of its kind in Canada—will tangibly change the way care is administered to children and make products available to them and their families that are properly adapted to their needs. This initiative is completely in line with our foundation’s mission.”

– David Goodman

The Team of Next Generation of Philanthropists
of the Healing More Better campaign cabinet

“Thanks to the support of 118 donors and their contributions to the Next Generation cause, we’ve managed to raise an impressive $2 million! This year, we are honouring your engagement by donating this amount to the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre so it can offer start-up funding to exceptionally talented, motivated and creative young researchers. Through your endeavours, Sainte-Justine is set to make even more breakthroughs in the field of mother-child care. Thank you to our generous donors for helping us to support the major priorities of the CHU Sainte-Justine. Thank you for sowing the seeds of a bright and healthy future!

– France-Élaine Duranceau and François-Charles Sirois

Jeunesse-Vie Foundation

At the Jeunesse-Vie Foundation, we strive to help as many children and teens as possible to reach their full potential. That’s why we responded to the Healing More Better appeal without a moment’s hesitation. We wanted to back the development of a unique and innovative project designed to improve the flow of information and feedback between patients, families and the care team to encourage the involvement of patients and their families. We are pleased and proud to have worked on this wonderful project hand in hand with the CHU Sainte-Justine.”

TD Bank Group

-Sylvie Demers 
Chair, Quebec Market

Desjardins Group

“At Desjardins Group, we know that to innovate and push boundaries you need to have the freedom to act, and that this freedom just isn’t possible without adequate funding. At Sainte-Justine, that’s exactly what the grant programs for fellows, nurses and specialists are designed for. These grants are helping to make Quebec a major centre for pediatrics and obstetrics, where practices are continuously improving. Because we are committed to enriching the lives of people and communities, we are proud to play a part in ensuring that the CHU Sainte-Justine remains one of the world’s leading-edge health care establishments.

– Guy Cormier
President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group

J.A.-de Sève Foundation

“For the past 30 years now, the J.A. DeSève Foundation has proudly supported the CHU Sainte-Justine in its vast mission, for we recognize it as a pillar of our society. Our commitment is testimony to the vision and generosity of Joseph Alexandre DeSève, a great builder, who throughout his life advocated the importance of giving back to the community in order to ensure a brighter future for the generations to come.

For the Healing More Better campaign, we wanted to assist the pediatricians at Sainte-Justine in their constant pursuit of excellence. Transferring knowledge and training top-class physicians for the future are springboards to new discoveries and offer genuine hope to all Quebecers. By continuing to build and strengthen our ties, year after year, we will together vanquish the obstacles that stand in the way of the health of our children and mothers.”

High-risk pregnancies and perinatal medicine

Young Leaders Circle

“Sick children and their families have huge ordeals to face, and they have no choice in the matter. As healthy adults and members of the business community, we must rally to help them. This sums up the mission of the Young Leaders Circle. The members of the Circle believe that every child deserves a healthy future and is entitled to the best care; that’s why we act as philanthropists and committed leaders. In associating with the medical excellence of the CHU Sainte-Justine, we are proud to contribute to providing the children of Quebec with the best pediatric medicine there is.”

– François Rivard
President (2013–2017)

Pathy Family Foundation

“At the Pathy Family Foundation, we are driven by deeply held values of compassion, empathy, honesty and humility. We have a strong tradition of helping those who need it most; it has always given us a sense of purpose. What appealed to us about the CHU Sainte-Justine’s project was the team’s vision and innovative proposals. We are therefore investing in the Foundation knowing that we’re helping to give babies the best possible start in life. We are proud to support the Centre of Excellence in Maternal Fetal Medicine.”

– Marie-Michelle Pathy
Member of the Board

Brain and neuro­developmental disorders

Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation

“The Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation firmly believes in the importance of supporting parents and their children—especially the most vulnerable—as early as possible so they are given the best chances in life. We therefore share the approach of the Integrated Centre for Child Neurodevelopment (CIRENE), which promotes a philosophy of teamwork and partnerships to provide services in the places where the children are growing up. Through early screening and intervention, we can make a difference together. We are delighted to help get this project off the ground and see it expand.”

– Claude Chagnon
Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Rio Tinto

“The Rio Tinto team is very proud to contribute to establishing a centre for rare genetic diseases, a pioneering project that brings hope to so many families and children in Quebec. Our support for this initiative stems from a heartfelt desire to be able to provide the highest levels of care and the promise of a bright and healthy future to all families affected by rare genetic disorders. The CHU Sainte-Justine has an extremely skilled and dedicated team in this area, and we are immensely proud to have contributed to these families’ futures.”

– Alfred Barrios
Chief Executive Officer

Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation

“Inspired by our son Jonathan, we wanted to make a difference for the thousands of young Quebecers who, like him, are living with an intellectual disability. These children and teenagers are brimming with potential, which we can really help them achieve if we work together. At the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation, we are especially proud and moved to have enabled the creation of the Jonathan-Bouchard Intellectual Disability Research Chair.

The genomics work by Dr. Jacques L. Michaud and his team holds enormous promise for the young people concerned and their families. Through this gift, we’re saying to them loud and clear: ‘We are at your side and we believe in you!’”

– Sandra Chartrand

Guy Laliberté

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve always had confidence in young and talented people, and I’ve always invested in research and development to try to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

The CHU Sainte-Justine shares the same values as I do with regard to research and the care given to children, who are our future. That’s why I support theCHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Royal Bank of Canada-RBC

“RBC was drawn to the CHU Sainte-Justine program for early detection and treatment of mental illness in schools, because by equipping therapists in schools and making teens more aware of mental illness, it is breaking taboos. We are delighted to see that our financial contribution is making a difference in the field. Congratulations to Dr. Conrod and her team!

– Martin Thibodeau
President, Quebec Headquarters

Power Corporation and Desmarais Family

“The CHU Sainte-Justine is a century-old institution that has a tradition of upholding values of excellence with which we identify very deeply. We are immensely proud to see the work that has been accomplished by its teams of professionals and researchers over the past years, and are honoured to know that we have contributed to the achievement of each of its major milestones.

Seeing the Desmarais name as well as that of Power Corporation of Canada associated with such excellence has very special meaning for us. We hope that all members of Quebec society—mothers, children and families—can continue to benefit from the extraordinary expertise of this institution for many years to come.”

– Paul Desmarais Jr., O.C., O.Q.  
Chairman and
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Power Corporation of Canada

Brain Canada

“The Brain Canada Foundation is delighted to join in setting up the Canadian Neonatal Brain Platform, which brings together top specialists from across the country working to reduce and to better treat brain damage that occurs within the first weeks of life. One of the goals of the Brain Canada Foundation is to support these experts’ coordinated efforts to prevent the serious consequences of such brain injuries, which include cerebral palsy, autism, severe hyperactivity and developmental delays.

In supporting this research, our aim is to improve the overall quality of life of unborn babies and newborns whose neurological fate is at stake. The Brain Canada Foundation is there for them and their families.”

– Inez Jabalpurwala
President and Chief Executive Officer

BMO Financial Group, Quebec

“BMO Financial Group paved the way for Canadian financial institutions in terms of philanthropy when we made the largest ever donation to a hospital by a bank in Quebec during the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation’s previous major fundraising campaign, Growing Up Healthy.

It was absolutely essential for us to pursue our long-term commitment to the CHU Sainte-Justine by contributing to the current campaign, which focuses on knowledge, excellence, innovation and progress, in research, care and education alike.

We are proud to give Dr. Elie Haddad’s immunology research team and the Espace transition project, working in the area of teenagers’ mental health, the means and resources to heal more and more children and to do so better and better!”

– L. Jacques Ménard

Cancer and immune system disorders

A special thanks for the outstanding collective gift in oncology

“The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation would like to acknowledge the outstanding collective gift of $12.5 million directed toward a series of major pediatric oncology initiatives, especially in the following three areas: personalized targeted therapy research, psycho-oncology and the pediatric transition to adult cancer survivor clinic.

Heartfelt thanks to Leucan, the Gouverneurs de l’espoir Foundation, the Néz pour vivre Foundation, the Rossy Family Foundation, CIBC, the Cole Foundation, Industrial Alliance, the Guy Laliberté Foundation, the Terry Fox Foundation, CSL Behring, Bayer and the Côté-Dion Family for enabling the CHU Sainte-Justine to further entrench its role as a leader in the treatment and cure of childhood cancers. And thank you for joining forces to fight cancer in children and for giving them hope for a healthy life with as few aftereffects as possible.

– Pierre Boivin, Jacynthe Côté and Serge Godin
Co-Chairs of the Healing More Better campaign

Rossy Family Foundation

“At the Rossy Family Foundation, we make it a point of honour to be a true philanthropic partner in the fight against cancer. In recent years, we have helped fund several large-scale initiatives that aim to give hope to Quebec families as they grapple with the disease.

The goal of our donation to the CHU Sainte-Justine and its Foundation is to ensure that all children who are facing cancer receive the highest quality care available and to provide them and their families with the physical and emotional support needed to ultimately enjoy the best possible future.”

– Larry and Cookie Rossy
Rossy Family Foundation

ByeByeAllergies! and other donors

“Thanks to our devoted team of parent volunteers at ByeByeAllergies! and our benevolent donors, we have helped set up an oral immunotherapy clinic at Sainte-Justine, the first of its kind in Canada, which offers a new kind of treatment that can overcome food allergies.

People are very excited about this project, and the news is spreading throughout Quebec fast. By joining forces, we can ensure a better future for our children. We extend a huge thank you to our volunteers and donors! As a result of your efforts, thousands of allergic children, worried parents, educational staff and health care workers will be relieved and reassured!”

Yanick Blanchard and Catherine Malouin

“Our daughter Marion went into anaphylactic shock at 13 months. We hadn’t known she was allergic. She ended up in intensive care, and the episode completely changed our lives. As we were searching for ways to cure her allergy, we came across the ByeByeAllergies! website.

After meeting the amazing Dr. Philippe Bégin, who took the time to explain the benefits of the new treatment and to reassure us, we decided to get involved in the cause to help Marion and all the other children in her situation.

Marion started her desensitization treatment on February 6, 2017. It will last for about three years, but it’s the best investment of our time we could ever make!”

Musculo­skeletal disorders and rehabilitation

Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation

“The Bronfmans have a long tradition of philanthropy and giving back to the community to support forward-looking initiatives. We will soon be celebrating 15 years of partnership with the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation!

True to our family’s legacy and values, we are proud to have contributed to the Pediatric Rehabilitation Technology Hub, which specifically focuses on developing new and innovative medical approaches in this field.

As engaged citizens, but also as parents, it was important for us to do our share—not just for today’s children, but to help all future generations too.”

– Claudine and Stephen Bronfman

Molson Foundation

We are extremely happy to have been part of creating the Centre of Excellence for Imaging and New Surgical Technology at the CHU Sainte-Justine. We are convinced that new technologies are going to transform health and health care. The Centre is also an integral part of the large-scale TransMedTech project, which offers a new approach to healthcare research and innovation and is unique in Canada.”

– Andrew Molson
Chairman of the Board

Cardio­vascular disease and acute critical care

Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge

“Today’s youth want to take an active role in making the world a better place. We are extremely proud to be training the philanthropists of tomorrow and to see first-hand what these devoted young people are able to accomplish. They believe in their ability to change things, and their determination is contagious!  

The Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge is proud to be committed to the future of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and especially to have contributed to the Healing More Better campaign. It’s an honour both for the steering committee and for the thousands of students participating throughout the province to see the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge name associated with that of the CHU Sainte-Justine’s Centre of Excellence in Trauma Care.

– Pierre Carle
Chairman, Steering Committee

Labadie Family

“We have six children and 11 grandchildren, so as you can imagine, we know the CHU Sainte-Justine pretty well by now! Their health is the most precious thing in the world to us, because we know that illness could strike at any moment of their lives.

It was only natural for us to contribute to the development of blood transfusion research in the intensive care unit. Just like the teams at Sainte-Justine, we are driven by the desire to give all children the best possible chances and to help ensure that one day, our hopes of being able to cure them will become reality.”

– Michel and Michèle Labadie

Canadian Pacific

When we learned that the CHU Sainte-Justine was seeking to accelerate stem cell research, an extremely promising avenue for the repair of congenital heart defects, we immediately felt that it was an initiative we wanted to support.

We firmly believe that a partnership with such a renowned institution as the CHU Sainte-Justine to create the first pediatric research platform in Quebec will significantly improve upon current treatments. This will ensure that the thousands of babies born with heart defects every year will have a chance to grow up with healthy hearts and live healthy lives.”

– Keith Creel
President and Chief Executive Officer

National Bank

“Our partnership with the CHU Sainte-Justine, a children’s health care pioneer, can be traced back to the beginnings of both our institutions. To this day, many of our employees continue to be involved with the hospital in various ways, whether through its Foundation or its Young Leaders Circle.

In connection with the Healing More Better campaign, this commitment helped to set up the National Bank Research Chair in Cardiovascular Genetics. Through the work of Dr. Gregor Andelfinger and his team, great strides have already been made for young patients at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

In closing, I’d like to commend the daily dedication of their health care staff and thank the administrators and partners who supported this key project for the well-being of children and their families.”

– Louis Vachon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sun Life Financial

“At Sun Life Financial, health is one of our primary concerns, especially the prevention of diabetes and related complications. So we are delighted to support the health excellence goals of the CIRCUIT program in working to prevent cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, as part of the Healing More Better campaign.

In backing a project so full of promise for our society, which will eventually reach over 200,000 families in Quebec, primarily through its web portal, we are helping to build a healthier future for children throughout the province. Once again, the CHU Sainte-Justine has shown what a worthy and deserving a partner it is.” 

– Robert Dumas
President (Quebec)