Our inspiring young philanthropists

The next generation gets it: change takes commitment. They know that’s how we will usher in innovations and breakthroughs that will revolutionize patient care so we can indeed heal more and heal better. And they have chosen to support Sainte-Justine!

There is no better proof of this than the historic $15-million commitment from three groups, namely the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge, the Young Leaders Circle and the Healing More Better campaign cabinet’s Team of Next Generation Philanthropists.

This unprecedented level of contribution shows that Sainte-Justine has the country’s largest base of next-generation donors. This passionate, dedicated group is setting an example for others to follow and confirming that there will always be someone to watch over the future of our children and mothers. Thank you!

Urban Duathlon

Lightning the Way

Winter Triathlon

Sainte-Justine’s Bal

Young Leaders Circle

Every year, the hundred or so volunteers with the Young Leaders Circle give of their time and talent to reach out to the children and mothers of Sainte-Justine. As part of the Healing More Better campaign, they continued to pursue their ambitious goal of raising $8 million for the Centre of Excellence in Neonatology.

These determined, motivated and unstoppable young professionals from all walks of life have gotten involved in various committees to organize key annual fundraisers, many of which have become must-attend events on Montreal’s philanthropic calendar. More than 200 partners have joined them, some year after year, to do their part. With their energy and enthusiasm, and the support they have garnered within the community for neonatal care, they are well on their way to reaching their goal.

Thank you to all those who have rolled up their sleeves since the Young Leaders Circle was founded to contribute to the success of the Urban Duathlon, the Bake Sale, the Mont-Royal Gala, Lighting the Way, the Winter Triathlon and the Sainte-Justine’s Ball. Your efforts will ensure that more and more babies grow up healthy.

“Sick children and their families have huge ordeals to face, and they have no choice in the matter. As healthy adults and members of the business community, we must rally to help them. This sums up the mission of the Young Leaders Circle. The members of the Circle believe that every child deserves a healthy future and is entitled to the best care.”
– François Rivard
President (2013-2017)

Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge

Students from some 40 private schools across the province have pounded the pavement hundreds of thousands of times over since the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge came into existence in 2008. And hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised every year by more than 40,000 motivated, engaged participants aged 5 to 17. 

Starting in 2013, these contributions have gone toward honouring the $5-million commitment the Sainte-Justine Private Schools Youth Challenge made to the hospital’s Centre of Excellence in Trauma Care, as part of the Healing More Better campaign. Why trauma care? Because accidents are the leading cause of death in children 18 and younger. Just over $4 million has been raised to date, representing 80% of this target!

Thank you, too, to our Youth Challenge ambassadors, spokespeople and patrons for inspiring our participants and for showing them that the power to change lives is in their hands.

Thank you too to the organizing committees in participating schools, to the Youth Challenge steering committee and to every one of our young philanthropists who have stepped up to the plate.

“We’ve seen for ourselves that getting involved and giving back pays off. We are making a real difference. It helps other people and it feels good. I will continue to be there to pitch in and do my part for the community!”
– Djammy Charles,
Representative (2016-2017)
Collège Saint-Sacrement

France-Elaine Duranceau and François-Charles Sirois (3rd and 2nd from the right), Co-Chairs of The Next Generation of Philanthropists of the Healing More Better campaign cabinet), with other representatives of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation young philanthropists on November 15, 2016.

The Next Generation of Philanthropists of the Healing More Better campaign cabinet

Healing More Better is the most ambitious campaign in the history of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation and, needless to say, the campaign cabinet’s Team of Next Generation of Philanthropists is very ambitious itself.

The dynamic group of 11 volunteers led by France-Élaine Duranceau and François-Charles Sirois not only met the fundraising challenge of $1 million—they quickly raised the bar! In less than two years, they talked 120 donors into making generous personal donations of $10,000 or more, for a total of $2 million.

We are proud to report that this initiative has resonated with over 100 professionals and prompted them to lend their support to the scientific minds of tomorrow at Sainte-Justine. Thank you to everyone for their exuberance, their determination to push the envelope and their talent in rallying philanthropists of all ages and backgrounds around the noblest of causes: the health and well-being of children and mothers.

“Sainte-Justine is a remarkable institution and a world leader in obstetric and pediatric medicine. Our mission is to make sure it stays at the head of the pack. We are very proud of everything our next generation philanthropists have accomplished in this regard.”
– François-Charles Sirois