Our CHU Sainte-Justine’s dedicated colleagues

The Sainte-Justine family also comprises doctors, nurses and other professionals who embrace and uphold the hospital’s fundamental mission to provide expert care to children and mothers. Not only are they passionate about the work they do, but they also personally support the cause they believe in so strongly.

As part of their commitment to the Healing More Better campaign, they have helped train the next generation of professionals—here and abroad, taken part in missions to save children’s lives around the world and organized fundraising events to advance research.

It is extremely gratifying and rewarding for us to have such a devoted and extraordinary team of professionals in our ranks. Their talent, determination and ability to inspire others are the reasons Sainte-Justine is the place of caring and excellence it is today.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to you all!

Our Physicians and
Academic Funds

Facilitating critical knowledge transfer

Did you know that the doctors at Sainte-Justine are not only dedicated professionals, but they are also among the biggest donors to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation?

Since 1998, more than 300 of them have made personal donations to academic funds, which have been used to create more than 450 grants to allow top-calibre recipients to further specialize in their fields and carry on the tradition of making advances in pediatric medicine in the years to come.

Since the launch of the Healing More Better campaign in 2013, they have donated a total of $11.1 million to the 28 academic funds that have been established over the years, including four during the campaign period.

This is an initiative unlike any other and an incredible show of solidarity, which is underscored at the annual Merci au savoir d’ici et d’ailleurs event.

Thank you to our esteemed colleagues for leading the way in supporting the acquisition and transfer of knowledge!

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Scotiabank Charity
Challenge Teams

A step in the right direction

Rain or shine, participants in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge are proud to do their part for the love of children and mothers with every step forward, every panted breath and every bead of sweat.

The CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation made a modest debut at the first Scotiabank Charity Challenge in Montreal in 2010, raising a meagre $375 at the 21k/5k race. But interest in the event has since grown exponentially within the Sainte-Justine family, and the amounts raised have followed suit.

Since 2013, more and more runners have signed up for the event, among them doctors, volunteers, nurses, scientists, students, patients, families and other members of Sainte-Justine’s extended family. And as an extra source of motivation, teams are free to choose the departments or projects at Sainte-Justine to which they wish to direct their proceeds.

In total, nearly $790,000 has been raised in the past five years by the ever-growing number of participants. In 2016, more than 600 people donned a Sainte-Justine jersey to bring in a tidy $270,000 for about 30 departments in the hospital.

Thank you to all our big-hearted runners and their sponsors for your energy and your altruistic spirit.

Sainte-Justine au Cœur du Monde

Exporting our expertise for healthy little hearts around the world

Your support makes it possible for the professionals at Sainte-Justine to reach out to young cardiac patients in other countries. Spearheaded by heart surgeon Sainte-Justine au Cœur du Monde organizes humanitarian missions to share our expertise in pediatric cardiology with those in need.  

Since 2006, teams of 20 to 30 volunteer physicians and paramedical specialists have been dispatched to Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia to provide free treatment to children with heart defects and train local teams.

An annual fundraising gala, which includes dinner and a show, helps to cover part of the costs of these missions and ensures the teams can make the most of their time there.

Your support has made it possible for nearly a thousand children (and counting!) to receive state-of-the-art care in their home country. Not only that, but health care professionals in Casablanca, Aswan and Addis Ababa are now better equipped to perform certain life-saving procedures.

Thank you to all the heroes involved with Sainte-Justine au Cœur du Monde for watching over these little hearts all over the world. We’re full of admiration for you and all you do.

Dr. Anas Manouzi, medical resident in pediatric cardiology, during his mission in Ethiopia in 2014 with Sainte-Justine au Cœur du Monde.

BoBeau Cœur Fund

“One sick little heart treated today means several healthy lives tomorrow!

The guests are about to arrive. Everything is ready—great food, big prizes and surprises galore. The BoBeau Cœur Fund gala fundraiser, which has been taking place every October since 2015, embodies the spirit of giving back that touches our hearts so deeply.

The BoBeau Cœur Fund team, made up of cardiologists, researchers, health care professionals and other supporters in Quebec and the rest of Canada, is led by pediatric cardiologist Nagib Dahdah. Together, they work to raise money to promote and advance clinical research in pediatric, congenital and fetal cardiology at Sainte-Justine.

To change and save lives, research in the field is vital. And it takes a village—the Sainte-Justine village to be precise—to make that research possible. To date, the hundreds of thousands of dollars channelled to these efforts by the BoBeau Cœur Fund have been instrumental in getting 10 major research projects off the ground.

To our generous donors: thank you! Your gifts give young cardiac patients hope for a healthier tomorrow.

And to everyone at the BoBeau Cœur Fund: we appreciate your indefatigable efforts to do more and better for our kids!