Our forward-looking donors

When a loved one passes away, it leaves an indelible mark on our hearts and our lives. In some cases, a loss can inspire people to take action for the future.

During our five-year Healing More Better campaign, many women and men of vision joined the illustrious ranks of those who wish to be remembered for making a difference in the lives of the mothers and children of the CHU Sainte-Justine. Together, 162 donors have earmarked in excess of $17 million for the CHU SainteJustine.

Over the years, more than 300 persons from across the province and every social stratum have entrusted their legacy to our extended family, through a contribution to the Future Fund, a bequest or a life insurance policy. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to deserve the trust you have placed in us.

Our sincere thanks go out to each and every one of them. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to deserve the trust you have placed in us.

Guy de Froment and Claudette Cypihot

40 years of love for sick children

Guy de Froment and his wife, Claudette Cypihot, were married for 40 years. Reaching out to sick children was important to both of them throughout their relationship. “My wife and I couldn’t stand to think of a child suffering,” explains Monsieur de Froment. So they decided to do something about it. They both chose to remember the Foundation in their wills.

Monsieur de Froment is a member of the Future Fund. His wife’s death in the fall of 2016, at age 77, left a void in his life, but her unshakeable love of families who need Sainte-Justine lives on.

Thank you, sir, for always doing more and doing better, and encouraging us to do the same. Thank you to Madame Cypihot as well, who is still keeping watch over the sick children at Sainte-Justine and helping to alleviate their suffering and maximize their chances of getting better.

Hélène DeCorwin

A lasting commitment

Hélène DeCorwin always said that Sainte-Justine “saved her little girl’s life” when she was in a serious accident at the tender age of two. The ordeal and the way the Sainte-Justine family responded to it had a profound impact on Madame DeCorwin. And she in turn has had a profound impact on us.

Madame DeCorwin passed away in September 2015, aged 82. She was a faithful donor to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, a beloved and loving mother, a capable career woman and a visionary advocate. She felt strongly about imparting the values of community and generosity—values that she lived by—to the next generation. Her inclusion of the Foundation in her will spoke volumes about the depth of this commitment.

“Her gift reflects the tradition of altruism that has always been important to our family,” say her daughters Sophie and Madeleine.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Madame DeCorwin! Your exemplary act of kindness is helping to fund medical research, improve patient care and train the pediatric professionals of tomorrow.

Nathalie Gagnon

A purveyor of hope

Nathalie Gagnon is one of about 300 volunteers you’ll happen across at Sainte-Justine each week, lending a hand wherever they can, smiling at everyone and brightening countless hearts. Nathalie has been true to her regular Sunday slot since 1991, when she was only 19 years old.

“Coming to Sainte-Justine every week is something I am committed to doing,” she says.

When she started, she was assigned to children in the 6- to 11-year-old range. Now she helps young patients of all ages, from the smallest to the tallest. She has witnessed hundreds of stories of courage and perseverance. These life lessons keep her coming back.

Nathalie places as much importance (if not more!) on the time she spends at the hospital as on the monetary value of the donations she makes and the bequest she has left to the Foundation in her will.

“Every contribution counts, of course. I have the benefit of seeing how the equipment has become more and more sophisticated, and the facilities more and more family-friendly,” she points out.

“Planned giving is the extension of my commitment as a donor and volunteer. One day, when I am no longer on the floor, I’ll still be doing my part through this gift.”

All we can add to that is a simple but sincere “Thank you!